Redefining the Outdoor Dining Experience

Cooking in the backyard has gone beyond the days of the gas grill on the porch or by the pool. Today, it has become a space for not just cooking, but for entertaining and cooking in and with style.

Sierra Outdoor Designs® from Cardinal Systems, Inc. brings innovation and style to outdoor kitchen cabinetry with a sleek design that invites you and your family to expand your living quarters into the outdoors. Designers have created a streamlined system of component pieces that allow you to craft the space you desire and design the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

Designed with Style

Designed with Style

Utilizing 316 marine grade, stainless steel materials and a high quality faux stone façade, the Sierra Outdoor line provides attractive cabinetry options that deliver both functionality and style.

The Sierra Outdoor Designs’ line is constructed with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety so you may create a configuration that suits your lifestyle. Choose your bar, grill, sink base and other cabinets we offer based on your needs, design sense and budget. Elegance in design, innovative materials and streamlined construction methods marry together to make planning and installation a smooth and stress free process.

The cabinetry is designed to give you a choice of custom finishes on the sides and back of the units. Sierra offers two color choices in faux, stacked stone (brown or gray) or 316 marine-grade stainless steel. The system is built so you can change the look at any time by (easily) sliding out the existing side or back panel and replacing it with a new one.

Sierra Outdoor Designs give you the freedom to awaken your inner designer. Create a custom outdoor kitchen that dreams are made of! You provide the dream… we’ll provide all of the pieces required to turn your vision into reality. Let your imagination soar.

Easy Installation - Beautiful Results

Easy Assembly - Beautiful Results

Our cabinets are shipped fully assembled, thereby reducing installation time and cost. The entire system can also be disassembled for storage or for moving to a new location, depending on the type of counter top used.

Elegance of design, innovation of materials and streamlined construction methods marry together in Sierra Outdoor Designs. The Sierra Outdoor Designs cabinetry system offers modular hardscape solutions that insure attractive and elegant options for any space.